Prayer is one of our values. Prayer is the foundation of everything we do in MMI. We have a broad foundation of prayer supporting our ministry but as our ministry grows and opportunities open up, so the foundation of prayer has to increase to support the work.

We pray and then we plan. Through the surrender of our plans and agendas in prayer, we seek to follow the plans God has for us as an organisation and as individuals. It is often difficult to discern God’s will for the detail, but as we make time and space to ‘be still’ in the Lord’s presence, we believe that the Holy Spirit guides us.

There are several ways we encourage and fuel our prayer supporters in addition to the Triannual Prayer Brief:

1st Wednesday

On the 1st Wednesday of the month a reflection, written by a team leader or field worker, together with detailed prayer items for the month is emailed to supporters on request – to sign-up email A summary version is posted here.

As the MMI team is spread internationally, this is seen as a time of corporate prayer.


Be a part of our e-mail PrayerLink. Urgent or immediate prayer needs and reminders to pray for planned activity are e-mailed in a short, succinct form straight to you.

To sign up email to add your name to the MMI prayer support base.

Start praying now with today’s Prayer of the Day:

Today’s Prayer – Day 19

Active contact has only been established in some countries of the Middle East and MMI needs the Lord’s guidance to open doors into new countries of the region.

Lord, we pray for divine appointments which will open the doors to the closed countries and military believers in the Middle East.

Regular Prayer

As we reach out to the forgotten mission field of the armed forces – we encourage you to join with us in prayer, remembering that approximately two thirds of the world’s nations are governed or highly influenced by their military. They shape nations and the lives of those who live there. Start praying immediately for the work of MMI by downloading this prayer brief.

Around The World

Pray now: Lord, I pray for the men and women in the armed forces. Send your Holy Spirit on them as they fear God and stand strong against those who persecute them. I pray for peace in the world and boldness for Christian soldiers, sailors and airmen (and women) that they will find time to pray and witness to the Truth. I pray for our country’s leaders and all governments to do your most perfect will. I pray for the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Annual prayer days

More detailed prayer needs and answers to prayers are shared at our prayer days. Regional Team Leaders (RTLs) and MMI field workers brief on recent activities, difficulties and future plans; international guests, sometimes in person sometimes via internet, are often invited to provide in depth and contextual information on prayer needs. Each region is prayed for in depth and a ‘Prayer Fuel’ booklet produced. We aim to hold at least 2 prayer days a year. Our next planned Prayer Day is 6th June 2020. Click here for details.

Pause for Prayer

Not a physically gathered prayer day, but a 2 or 3 hour Pause for Prayer. Small groups gather together in countries within our regions and pray together at the same time, drawing together via the internet to open and close the Pause for Prayer time.

regional pray & plan group

The priority for an RPPG is strategic praying for MMI ministry in a particular region and prayer support to the RTL.

Each of the MMI regions (Africa, Europe, Middle East & S. Asia) has its own RPPG -Africa has 4 groups including French speaking and Portuguese speaking groups. They usually meet around 4 times a year, to pray more strategically about the ministry in the region, and to Pray and Plan the regional programme with the RTL. This involves praying for discernment and understanding and may take several days or weeks for some things to become clear. It is not a prayer time to pray blessings over the RTLs plans! Each group has its own chair or leader and 4-10 members including the regional RTL.

 To be a part of an RPPG requires a deeper commitment to a region than being part of a prayer support group, but experience of the region is not essential (although helpful in understanding situations). Where possible RTLs are encouraged to find some members from within the region – ideally serving, if not then retired personnel or those involved in ministry to the Armed Forces in some way. Prayer times are often via the internet or a mix of a physical meeting with others Skyping in.

To find out more about joining an RPPG contact or the Regional Team Leader of the region you are interested in supporting.

Effective Prayer

Preparation for intercessory prayer is always necessary. When God appears to be silent, when everything seems not to be working out, it may help to turn to worship by praising God with your mind, soul and spirit. Remembering that God is good all the time, draw into his presence by confessing wrong attitudes and actions which will help you to tune into God. It is always a good idea to read the Bible as it helps us to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit within. Then ‘Ask, Seek and Knock’.

It might help to list those things, people and countries that God may want you to pray over, asking God for the prayer to pray.


Never give up and always persevere in prayer, as we must expect a ‘spiritual battle’. Put on the armour of God, face the enemy and pray with the authority of Jesus Christ and pray in faith 

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Our role is simply to be faithful, to receive the Lord’s provision and to serve Jesus faithfully.