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Seeing what God Might Do if Every Military Christian Had Someone to Stand With

Military Ministries International helps Christians in the military to make a difference throughout many of the world’s trouble spots. We help many of today’s military Christians be a force for good at an international level by building disciples and shaping nations.

We seek to achieve our mission though facilitating conferences, seminars, retreats, symposiums, training events and the like at local, national, regional and international level throughout the regions we operate in: Africa, Europe South Asia and The Middle East.


Military Ministries International exists to encourage, strengthen and equip Christians in the  armed forces of Africa to live more effectively as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.


There are over 20 million people in Europe who are related to the military profession, either serving, family members or in the reserve,  and MMI supports Christians in 24 different nations.

South Asia

In South Asia Christianity is generally allowed constitutionally. However because it is a minority religion, Christians are invariably discriminated against.

Middle East

MMI has been working in the Middle East since 2002 and has good links with Believers in the armed forces of a number of countries in the Eastern Mediterranean and Gulf States.

Gen Roddy introducing MMI

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We have a 50th Anniversary Fund target of £50,000, to take MMI into the next 50 years. We have set up a specific Just Giving Fundraising page for donations to the 50th Anniversary Fund, Just Click here to donate

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Roddy’s Message

Military Ministries International (MMI) exists to support Christians in the world’s armed forces. Our prayer is to see military men and women come to a living faith in Jesus Christ and grow to be mature and effective disciples of our Lord as they serve in their navy, army or air force.

A prayer for Ukraine and Russia on 24 Feb 2024


Lord Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. We pray that, after two years of war, devastation, incalculable death and misery, of flight and fear, You would sovereignly establish a way towards a just and lasting peace for Ukraine. We pray for an end to the slaughter on the front line and in the cities, towns and villages and that you would deliver Ukraine and her people, granting them a way to live without fear in the own settled national borders.

 Drive back the billowing clouds of satanic darkness that threaten to engulf Ukraine and shine on her the light of Your truth, bathing her people with healing and restoration. We pray that you would peel back the web of deceit and wickedness that cloaks the Russian leadership and shine your truth and light into the Kremlin. Do a new thing, Lord we pray, for Russia and her people.

 We pay for new life in Ukraine and Russia. That by the power of your Holy Spirit you would change the atmosphere in both nations in a mighty act of godly redeeming love that sweeps multitudes into You Kingdom. Set Russia and Ukraine free, we pray, to live in peace and harmony and in the life that only Your Gospel can bring.