AMCF is a worldwide association of national Military Christian Fellowships (MCFs) and individual military Christians in nations that do not have an organized fellowship. Each MCF is independent, self‑governing, financially self‑supporting, and encouraged to develop along national lines to meet the needs of its own national armed forces. It is non-political and does not support the political aspirations or positions of any person, party, or nation. It is interdenominational. Christians of all denominations may participate. It has no official affiliation with any denomination or church. It is an association with no central organization, office, budget, or staff.

ACCTS, MMI and MSO are the primary support organisations for AMCF and work closely with the members of the AMCF Presidential Bench. On the bench there are 13 regional vice presidents (VP) including 4 for Africa, 2 for Europe, a VP Middle East and a VP South Asia. These appointments are all honorary and their activity levels depend on their capacity for the work, resources available and their freedom to exercise their responsibilities. Similarly the MMI Chief Executive/ Team Leader has a close relationship with the AMCF President, currently General Srilal Weerasooriya from Sri Lanka.