Answered prayers can be submitted

It’s very important to



In 500 words of less explain:

  • what your situation was.
  • how you (or someone else) prayed.
  • an how Jesus answered that prayer.

More information:

A land mark sculpture of a million answered prayers is being erected outside Birmingham

With a million answered prayer stories to find, they need to have yours – if you have one.

Sharing your answered prayer story is simple. 

Answered prayers will be displayed anonymously, with names changed to protect identities. You can upload photos (make sure you have permission from those featured) and voice recordings; video.

The intention of the organisers is to have a specific ‘military community’ area of bricks so the #MMI is important for your prayer to be in the military community and MMI area. Your prayer can be about anything.

For more information:

Either see article in the Summer MMI News pg 16-17