About Us

MMI exists to see the kingdom of God established and growing in the armed forces of the world. We seek to achieve our mission though facilitating conferences, seminars, retreats, symposiums, training events and the like at local, national, regional and international level throughout the regions we operate in: Africa, Europe South Asia and The Middle East. We support these activities and build and maintain relationships with individual Christians through correspondence and communication and by regular visits to Christians in the armed forces in these regions.

The MMI annual programme typically includes:

  • At least one Association of Military Christian Fellowships regional conference
  • Attendance at selected national conferences,
  • Running and assisting in the provision of activity based retreats (e.g. sailing and skiing) for cadets and young officers
  • Christian military leadership and ethics seminars,
  • Courses on marriage and family relationships;
  • Seminars for chaplains,
  • Visits to MCFs, chaplaincies and individual military Christians
  • Hosting visiting military Christians and chaplains in UK
  • Providing training and encouragement in UK.