1st Wednesday Prayer Hour February 2019

MMI keeps the first Wednesday of the month as a day for corporate prayer. The hour set aside is 9.00am-10.00am, but for those who are not able to join in prayer then, please use these notes to pray for an hour at some time during the day.


 On that day you will ask nothing of me.]Very truly, I tell you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. Jn 16: 23

 “Who is the Captain of your soul?”

 Roddy Porter reflects on this question, inspired by the film and poem ‘Invictus’.

 Do you remember the film Invictus? It tells the true story of how Nelson Mandela joined forces with the captain of South Africa’s rugby team, François Pienaar to help unite their country. President Mandela believed he could bring his people together through the universal language of sport, In the film, Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) meets with Pienaar (Matt Damon) and, though Mandela never verbalizes his true meaning during their meeting, Pienaar understands the message he is transmitting: winning the 1995 World Cup is an opportunity to unify and inspire the country.

 Mandela also shares with Pienaar that a poem, Invictus, by William Ernest Henley, had inspired him during his time in prison, helping him to “stand when all he wanted to do was lie down”.

 Inspiring as the poem is, I was troubled by the final couplet – “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. From a Christian perspective, I suggest we have to reject that message. But, considering it anew, a Christian message emerges and I had a go at re-writing the poem to reflect who is (or should be) the true Captain of my soul. Here I offer, side by side, the original and the re-write that places our Lord Jesus Christ at the centre.

Who is the Captain of your soul?

 Out of the night that covers me,                                 Out of the night that covered me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,                              Black as the Pit from pole to pole, 
I thank whatever gods may be                                   I thank my Saviour Jesus Christ 

For my unconquerable soul.                                       For my salvaged, ransomed soul. 

In the fell clutch of circumstance                               In the fell clutch of circumstance,

I have not winced nor cried aloud.                              For mercy, Him I cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance                             Despite the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.                               My head His blood has glory-crowned. 

Beyond this place of wrath and tears                         Beyond this place of wrath and tears

Looms but Horror of the shade,                                  Glows yet brighter still the Light,

And yet the menace of the years                               And from the menace of the years

Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.                              I am delivered by His Might. 

It matters not how strait the gate,                               It matters not how strait the gate, 

How charged with punishments the scroll.                 How charged with punishments the scroll.

I am the master of my fate:                                        He has plucked me from that fate:

I am the captain of my soul.                                       He is the Captain of my soul.


 Give thanks for the  MMI Staff & Trustees Retreat at the beginning of January, and pray that the shared ideas, plans and dreams that were of the Lord, will grow and develop under God’s leading this year.

 Give thanks that, Mark Hibbert-Hingston’s son  had a clear from cancer scan in January.  

Praying for  MMI in February’

MMI on TV. Pray that the two televised discussions between Gen Roddy Porter, MMI CE-TL and Canon Andrew White (The Vicar of Baghdad) will bring new interest and support for MMI. The second of the discussions will be about MMI and will be aired on Monday 11th February, at 1930 hours

 Europe: The European Military Christian Meeting (EMCM) takes place in Lübbecke  this weekend, Friday – Monday. Pray for safe travel for all the delegates; for those speaking, leading and translating to be led by the Lord; for the  Holy Spirit to be present in power and for focus on listening to God and hearing God; for blessing and encouragement.

S Asia: Paddy, RTL S Asia, is  doing an’ Indian road trip’ with Pastor Blesson. They plan to visit Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin. Thank the Lord this trip is now able to happen, having been originally planned for November. Pray they will bring individual Christians into fellowship with each other, for their teaching and speaking, for  good meetings with leaders in Bangalore, for wisdom and understanding and for safety as they travel

 Francophone Africa:  Eric (RTL Francophone Africa) is planning to visit  Madagascar  with Augustin, to support  training for and establishment of a military Chaplaincy . Pray for peaceful development and mutual support between Chaplaincy and the Military Christian Fellowship; for safety as they travel and wisdom when they are there.

 MMI  Supporters Day and half night of prayer at Salisbury (all welcome!!)  takes place on Saturday 9th March. Pray for the on-going planning, for supporters to attend, for a day and night of blessing, and hearing from the Lord for the ministry going forward.

Continue to pray for the resources MMI needs to be part of God’s work in the military around the world.